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Location. Almoite. Parish of Santa María de Almoite.

Monument type. Religious. Interest: architectural and artistic; ethnographical and historical

Dated. Unknow. Late Middle Age elements and Baroque style.

Description. The “Igrexa de Almoite” (Almoite Church) is composed of a religious temple, Stations of the Cross in the surrounding wall, a wayside shrine, and a cross at the main entrance. Its style is Baroque. It represents a set of elements typical of religious architecture in Galicia that allows us to visualise an era.
The “Cruceiro de pedra” (Stone Cross) rises at the foot of the stairs leading to the main entrance. The fluted column displays the images of Adam and Eve and the Serpent in the allegorical scene of the expulsion from Paradise. Finished in a capital with an abacus topped by a two-sided cross with the figures of Christ and the Virgin. In regards to the workmanship and carvings
it has great similarities with what are considered the best crosses in Galicia, such as the “Cruceiro de Hio” (in Cangas do Morrazo).
The Stations of the Cross is made up of several crosses along the wall of the churchyard.
The Wayside Shrine is located on the wall of the churchyard of the Almoite parish church.

Cataloging. Inventory of Heritage Assets of the Government of Galicia.


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