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Ramón Borrajo Domarco, better known as Moncho Borrajo, is a Galician comedian and playwright born in1949. As Baños de Molgas is his native village, this place has been chosen to set the artist’s museum in the restoration of the station with the plan Inorde “Estaciones vivas” (Alive Stations)*.

The museum is home to the most representative items of the cultural and personal life of the Ourense’s actor. His awards, his wardrobe, his stage props, his photographs with friends of the show business, presents, his library, his paintings and his curiosities, as well as a collection containing more than 1000 silver rings.

Besides, the museum also counts with an exhibition hall in the ground floor with temporary exhibitions of varying subjects. There is a café decorated with a railway theme and a shelter in the first floor with ten rooms of different sizes.

*the objective of this project is to promote the natural and cultural richness to develop sustainable tourism, as well as to contribute to Ourense’s  patrimony sustainability


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Estación de Baños de Molgas


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