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Location. Parish of San Salvador de Baños de Molgas

Monument type. Road infrastructure. Interest: Architectural and historical.

Dated. Roman age, 2nd century AD.

Description. The “Ponte Vella de Molgas” (Old bridge of Molgas) is possibly a Roman construction from the 2nd century.
It was part of the road called the “Vía Nova XVIII” that crossed the river Arnoia at this point. This “roman road” was ordered build by the Emperor Titus Flavius in the first century AD.
In the The Itinerary of Emperor Antoninus (the register of roman stations and roads) Baños de Molgas is mentioned as “Salientibus”, wich the book identifies as a post administration called “cursus publicus”. This could prove the relevance of Baños de Molgas as a crossroads for the infraestructure ofd the Roman Empire.
It has a single arch 10.76 metres long with a circular flared vault. The foundations of the central arch are what remains of the original Roman structure, which was restored in both the 14th and 20th centuries.

Cataloging. Inventory of Heritage Assets of the Government of Galicia.


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