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What is a petroglyph? A petroglyph is any shape or form made on a stone or rock. Their function is thought to have been ritual and symbolic. However, even in the Bronze Age the practice of farming were already widespread, hence we believe that they were used for important rituals in the life cycles of the people or year. Their use and symbolism is not absolutely known, but there was almost certainly a magical significance connected to the territory, animals and even to people; and were perhaps used in initiation rituals or hunting. What is a “mámoa”? Considered to be a burial chamber similar to a dolmen. It has walls and ceilings formed by large boulders and slabs, which are then covered with soil. The “mámoas” have a characteristic form being an elevation from the ground and circular shape, hence the name, which originates from the Latin mammula meaning breast. It is then a metaphor of their exterior appearance. Cataloging. Municipal Inventory of Heritage Assets.

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