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Location. Parish of San Salvador de Baños de Molgas.

Monument type. Thermal fountain. Interest: Historical, architectural value, ethnographic and spa tourism.

DatedModern Era. 19th Century

DescriptionA Burga de Baños de Molgas is a hot spring fountain.
The Romans were the first to build baths for recreation and enjoyment of these waters, which they named “Ad aquas salientes” (salted waters).
Its waters gush out at temperatures between 28 and 45 degrees. The water is particularly suitable for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and gout.
The current fountain, built in granite ashlar in 1896, has a triangular wall and situated at a very low height, a barrel, from where the water falls into a sink. There are two large stone basins protected by a metal shelter with a glass roof, which allows visitors to take the waters in any weather conditions, and provides two convenient places in which to wash.
The fountain is located between the Balneario de Molgas spa and the “Ponte vella” (Old Bridge), alongside the river Arnoia.

Cataloging. Inventory of Heritage Assets of the Government of Galicia.


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