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Location. Betán. Parish of San Martiño de Betán.

Type of monument. Church of Romanesque origins. Interest: architectural and artistic, ethnographical and historical.

Dated. High Middle Ages. Beginning of the 13th century.

Description. Romanesque church from the beginning of the 13th century, reformed in the 18th century in the Baroque style. Rectangular ground plan with well crafted walls
of granite and buttresses on the sides. Outside we find corbels in the lateral cornices.
The main façade features arched cornice and is finished with pinnacles in the corners, on top of which is a steeple with a body finishing in a pyramid crowned by a stone cross. There is an access door with an arch and front with a Romanesque lintel, stone carved with a cross.
The Romanesque elements we can observe are: the lintel in the entrance, the fifteen corbels of the eaves and also what you see in the window at the end of the belfry. Inside the lintel we see a cross pattée that divides the space into four parts, each dedicated to an animal.

Cataloging. Inventory of Heritage Assets of the Government of Galicia.


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