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Location. Parish of San Salvador de Baños de Molgas.

Monument type. Private property and business.

Dated. 19th Century.

Description. The properties of the thermal waters of Molgas have been known since the time of Romanisation.
In all discussions of mineral waters of the modern age, the town of Baños de Molgas figures as one of the most well known in Spain.
Its sources and springs were declared public utilities in 1873, which led to the construction of the Spa at the end of the 19th century. It was remodelled in the 20th century, adapting to new needs and uses.
Four-story building made of granite stonework.
Inside the building the main spring is known as the “Fonte Quente” (hot fountain). The waters of the spa are of the radioactive type; with sodium bicarbonate, silicate, and mineralized, and the water temperature is 49° C.
The services offered by the Spa Baths of Molgas are: Aerosols, whirlpool baths, showers, nasal showers and circular showers.

Cataloging. Inventory of Heritage Assets of the Government of Galicia.


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Parroquia de San Salvador de Baños de Molgas.


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